We are always looking to recruit new talented undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral researchers. Please contact Ian Jacobi for current openings and include a cover letter and CV (or resume for undergraduate researchers).

Postdoctoral Research

A postdoctoral position is available beginning immediately in the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Technion Israel Institute of Technion with Ian Jacobi’s fluid mechanics research group. The project involves the study of self-propelled particles (Janus particles) and their interaction with unstable and complex flows. The research is primarily experimental, involving fabrication and characterization of Janus particles, optical measurement of multi-phase flows and mixing, but will also include some analytical/numerical analysis of flow instabilities in multiphase flows.  The post-doctoral candidate is expected to have a strong background in experimental flow mechanics: designing and building experimental apparatuses, using optical measurement techniques like PIV and Schlieren, and (ideally) experience in the chemical synthesis of Janus-type micro-particles. The candidate is expected to have a Ph.D. in mechanical, chemical, aerospace engineering, or a related fluid-mechanics field. The position is for 1 year and may be renewed for up to 3.

Please send a copy of your CV, with a brief letter of introduction, and a list of three references.

Graduate Research

Multiple graduate research assistant positions are open currently.

  1. Research in multi-phase flows, self-propelled particles, fluid instabilities, and fluid mixing, involving design of experimental apparatuses for multiphase flow, optical measurement techniques, and the synthesis of self-propelled (Janus) particles.
  2. Research in inertial bubble dynamics and high speed pressure measurement, involving the sudden release of underwater bubbles.
  3. Research in detection of large-scale, unsteady turbulent structures via experimental measurements in a high speed water tunnel facility and the use of neural-network based data analysis.

Our research is multidisciplinary and we welcome applicants with backgrounds in engineering, materials science, physics, and applied math who are interested in experiment focused research.

Undergraduate Research

We welcome applications from students in all areas of engineering.  A minimum 5-10 hours of per week commitment for research is expected during the academic year, and/or full-time during the summer. Prospective applicants should email to arrange an informal meeting to discuss interests and projects available.